Our History

Barnstead Country Store was opened over 40 years ago on Beaverdale Road in Troy, PA.  It was a bulk food store with dried fruit, pastas, beans, baking products, and old fashioned candy.  Mr. & Mrs. Coles sold the store to a gentleman who closed it soon after.

Mr. & Mrs. Alderfer then opened a similar store and named it Alderfer’s Food Pantry.  They opened in Sylvania, PA, then moved to Route 14 in Troy before settling in on Route 6, a half mile east of Troy in 1999.  Mrs. Alderfer’s business grew at every move and each year.  She expanded to organic gluten free products and had more business in sugar free products as well.

Then, Labor Day weekend 2007, Terry and Martha Detweiller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Coles and nephew to Mr. and Mrs. Alderfer purchased the business and renamed it using both previous names, Barnstead Pantry.  Mr. and Mrs. Detweiller have employed their daughter, Tanya Route and get frequent help from MomMom Coles (aka Nancy Coles).  Terry and Marti have three other daughters and a son, plus nine grandchildren.  As family comes to visit, they are often put to work at the store, waiting on customers or bagging flour.  

The business has been a staple and tourist stop in Troy, PA for the past 25 years.  It has a “country charm” to it that attracts new customers and has old fashioned candy, that many claim they haven’t seen since their grandma’s purse.  A favorite of kids is the barrel candy.  They can fill a gab with an assortment of wrapped candy.  The gluten free line has recently been expanded to accomodate the growing need for those products.

Stop in and see us or email for shipment of your favorite Barnstead Pantry products!